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It’s a great time to plant and a great time to buy because Cashman Nursery has a HUGE FALL SALE!!
Buy one get one free on all of the following items with a *!
*Black Hills and Colorado Spruce 12-18″ $27.95
*Quaking Aspen 4-6′ tall $27.95
*#1 Quality Rose Bushes 2 gal pot $39.95
*Green Ash 4-5′ $27.95
*Autumn Blaze Maple 3-4′ $27.95
*Silver Maple 10-12′ tall BEAUTIFUL!! $229.00
*Apple Trees 8-10′ tall $179.00
*Pear Trees 8-10′ tall $179.00
*Plum trees 5-8′ tall $159.00
*Cherry Trees 5-8′ tall $159.00
-many varieties of the apple, pear, plum and cherry trees. All hardy zone 3 or 4.

All Evergreens up to 10′ tall, shrubs, and shade trees up to 25′ tall are 25% off now! 60 varieties!

Cotton-less Cottonwoods 6-7′ tall in 2 gal. pots are $39.95.

All bagged mulches are 10% off!

SOD DAILY! We have sod!!

It’s a great time to seed or sod your yard, as grass is naturally re-seeding itself. Great time to establish your yard!

Come see us!! Cashman Nursery and Landscaping, 3400 E. Main Ave., Bismarck, ND 58501. 701.222.3333