Garden Center

GardenCenter_00227Cashman Nursery and Landscaping has everything you will need to complete your home or business landscape projects. Let our knowledgeable staff help you plant the right plant in the right place! Cashman’s guarantees all of its perennials, shrubs, roses, vines, evergreens and trees, ensuring that you are selecting hardy plants for our area. Come in and see Cashman’s huge selection for yourself, “Get Growing!”

Nursery stock is available in a number of ways. Container grown is the most common, and means that the plant was grown in a container its entire life and transplanted to larger containers as it grew. Bare root is explained in the bare root section, and is available in early spring each year. Balled and burlapped means that the tree was grown in a field, spade dug in late fall or early spring, then wrapped in burlap to ensure that dirt would not fall from the root ball. Balled and burlapped (or B&B as we like to refer to it) is typically used for larger trees and shrubs.

Cashman Nursery and Landscaping offers delivery and installation of plants and other materials that cannot be easily handled by the homeowner.