Shade Trees

Shade trees are those deciduous trees that provide shade throughout the summer to yards and businesses.  Shade trees are usually over 30 feet tall but can reach up to 100 feet tall in some varieties.  Shade trees are available bare root in the spring, container grown throughout the year and for large specimens, balled and burlapped.

If you are planning to plant shade trees in your yard, be sure to stop in to discuss your options with our staff.  Cashman’s experts can make great recommendations to you regarding the selection of the right trees for your project.  Many factors play into choosing the right tree, such as the pH and composition of the soils in your yard, wind and sun exposure, location and desired look and purpose.  Do not be overwhelmed by our hundreds of choices.  Let us help you!  Cashman Nursery has the largest selection of shade trees in the area, maybe even the state!  We have a wide variety of sizes, prices and species to make sure your planting is unique to you and hardy for this area.  Plant right the first time, come and see us!

Be sure to check out Bismarck and Mandan’s “Partners in Planting” project by the city.  The cities of Bismarck and Mandan are offering rebates for trees planted on boulevards.  Ask our staff or call your city forester to inquire.