Dan’s Garden TV Show

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                                   2014 Shows

Dan’s Garden May 23, 2014. “How to Prep and Plan your Garden Spot.”  Dan Kicks off his 27th year of the Garden show with KFYR-TV!

Dan’s Garden May 30, 2014. “Get your Garden Growing!”

Dan’s Garden June 6, 2014. “Container and Patio Gardening”

Dan’s Garden “Above ground container gardening at TouchMark” (June 13, 2014)

Dan’s Garden June 20, 2014 – “Roses and Vines”

Dan’s Garden June 27, 2014 “Keeping weeds out of your garden”

Dan’s Garden July 4, 2014 – Pruning shrubs and evergreens

Dan’s Garden July 11, 2014 – Dan’s Garden Travels to the home of Colleen and Jasper

Dan’s Garden – July 18, 2014 – Week 2 of the Traveling Garden at Colleen and Jasper’s!

Dan’s Garden July 25, 2014 “Planting Container Grown Nursery Stock all Summer”

Dan’s Garden August 8, 2014 “Traveling Garden to Bob & Linda’s House”

Dan’s Garden August 22, 2014 “Ornamental Trees for your Yard”

Dan’s Garden August 29, 2014

Dan’s Garden Sept. 5, 2014

0912 Dan’s Garden PKG

Dan’s Garden Visits Gerri and Hal Hase’s Yard Sept. 19, 2014










                                   2013 Shows

Dan’s Garden May 24, 2013 “Early Spring Gardening Tips”

Dan’s Garden May 31, 2013 “Community Gardens and Hunger Gardens”

Dan’s Garden. June 7, 2013 “Raised Bed Gardening at Touchmark”

Dan’s Garden June 14, 2013. “Tips on how to keep the weeds out of your garden”

Dan’s Garden June 21, 2013 “Flowering and Colorful Shrubs”

Dan’s Garden, June 28, 2013. “Ornamental Trees for Your Yard.”

Dan’s Garden. July 5, 2013 “Japanese Tree Lilac, Ivory Silk and Shrub Roses”

Dan’s Garden. July 12, 2013. “Pruning Shrubs and Evergreens in the Summer Months”

Dan’s Garden. July 19, 2013. “Diseases and Insects on Trees and Shrubs”

Dan’s Garden July 26, 2013 “Dan Checks in at the Hunger and Community Gardens”

Dan’s Garden August 2, 2013 “Dan Introduces us to exciting new plant introductions”

Dan’s Garden August 7, 2013 “Growing Fruit Trees and Shrubs in Your Very Own Yard.”

Dan’s Garden, August 16, 2013. “Growing Perennials in Your Yard for Sunny and Shady Locations.”

Dan’s Garden, August 23, 2013. “Dan Visits the Residents at Touchmark, to Check on Their Salsa Garden.”

Dan’s Garden. August 30, 2013. “Growing Pear Trees in Your Very Own Yard!”

Dan’s Garden, September 6, 2013. “Planting Native ND Trees and Shrubs in Your Yard.”

Planting Fall Bulbs and Tips on Yellowing Evergreens. (9-13-2013)

Dan’s Garden (9-20-2013) Fall Blooming Perennials and tips on Starting a New Lawn!

Dan’s Garden Visits the Farmer’s Market! Sept. 27, 2013

Dan Visits Papa’s Pumpkin Patch in Bismarck. Oct. 4, 2013.