We are OPEN! East Main closed from 26th St. to Expressway

This event will occur on Wednesday, Jun 12, 2019

There is road construction on East Main Avenue between 26th Street and Expressway, right where we are located! But we are STILL OPEN! To get to us, drive south on Eastdale Drive (which runs north and south, perpendicular to E. Main). When on Eastdale Dr. turn east (left) just south of the rail road tracks and about 30 feet north of East Main Ave. Drive on Cashman Nursery’s gravel road to enter from the back. To get to our parking lot, turn right to go up a steep little hill (drive slow) and this will bring you to our parking lot.

The City of Bismarck said construction should be completed by late next week (about June 21). So this is a temporary fix! The road construction crews thought they may be able to open up a traffic lane to get into Cashman Nursery soon. We will keep you updated!